Young entrepreneur alumni tell stories of business creating


On November 8th, 2015 SCUT Business Stories Sharing Forum was held in Wushan Campus. The activity was co-organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and South China University of Technology (SCUT). SCUT Vice President Qiu Xueqing, representatives from Publicity Department of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, investors and sponsors attended the forum.
Five young excellent entrepreneurs graduated from SCUT were invited to tell their stories and experiences of creating businesses. They were Hu zhenyu, the founder of China’s first private aerospace service company; Li Zhankeng, the Vice President of Youmi Net; Deng Jiaming, an entrepreneur born in 1995; Hu Dawei and Huang Qipei, two entrepreneurs engaging businesses of environment-friendly products.
“Six years ago, a scientific research contest was held exactly in this meeting hall. 14 members of my team won the top 14 in the contest,” said Li Zhankeng.
Recalling the path from a student business group to a listed company, he cannot stop thinking about the 14 cell phones awarded to them by the contest. They sold these phones to acquire the starting capital for their company. Today, this company, Youmi Net, produces and manages one of the most popular apps in China, which is a platform for mobile online advertisement.
Five young excellent entrepreneurs graduated from SCUT
were invited to tell their stories of creating businesses.
Hu Dawei, CEO of Guangzhou Fenfang Technology Co., Ltd. and a specialist in material science who finished his bachelor, master and PhD degree in SCUT, is now devoting himself into the development of a new type of environment-friendly ceramic tile. He argued that technology innovation in business must bring convenience to our daily life, even if it is small, maybe as small as an apple peeling machine.
He believed that innovation is not equal to frontiers: “In fact, small items in our daily life could solve big issues. Now there are a lot of people running after frontier technologies, which is usually difficult to be transformed to practical products. I think maybe it is a better idea to engage businesses that is not so frontier.”
SCUT Vice President Qiu Xueqing spoke on the forum that the core of mass entrepreneurship and Innovation is to motivate creativity, especially to motivate the creativity on young talents. He was confident that SCUT is able to provide excellent genes to entrepreneurship and innovation, benefiting from its profound history as a well-known polytechnic university.
The activity was one part of Guangdong Entrepreneurship & Innovation Story Sharing Contest. Since launched in October, it has attracted many competitors to participate, revealing many fantastic business stories to the audiences.

Chinese version by University News Center
Translated by Xu Peimu and Wu Lizhen