Touching SCUT 2017: teams and individuals named Students of the Year


The CMSH·Touching SCUT Awards for Students of the Year 2017 were announced on June 18, when nearly 1,300 faculty members and students gathered at the Haili Sports and Recreational Center to honor the 10 most inspiring campus figures of the past year.
Distinguished guests of the award ceremony were leaders of the university including Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC SCUT committee, and senior executives of the China Merchants Group (CMG) and the China Merchants Shekou Holdings (CMSH), which was the full sponsor of the event.
Three teams and seven individuals were named Students of the Year, while the other two teams and eight individuals received the Nomination Awards out of 132 candidates that went through multiple selecting procedures, including preliminary recommendations, judges’ review, stage presentations, and the online voting.
Established in 2009 and sponsored by the CMSH, the Touching SCUT Awards for Students of the Year have been held for nine editions. The event also started to receive sponsorship from the China Merchants Charitable Foundation (CMCF) from 2013. It drew great attention from people around the SCUT campus, receiving over 10,000 online votes this year.
The story line of this year’s award ceremony was attached to the 10 schools that are being planned in the upcoming Guangzhou International Campus. The awards were presented to those who showed “the spirits of loving the nation and believing in self-reliance, the quality of daring to be first and innovate, the confidence of starting a career despite hardships, and the obligation to serve the cause of the society and arise to contribute.”
[Students of the Year 2017]
1. Robot Innovation Center (team), School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
2. Guo Lyuxing, master student, School of Electric Power, Class 2014
3. Wu Weisheng, master student, School of Marxism, Class 2016
4. SCUT-iGEM (team), School of Biology and Biological Engineering
5. Hu Jun, undergraduate, School of National Defense Students, Class 2013
6. Part-time tutors (team), School of Mathematics
7. Qiu Jiedong, master student, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Class 2016
8. Zhang Yuanxin, undergraduate, School of Business Administration, Class 2013
9. Wang Mengfei, undergraduate, School of Architecture, Class 2012
10. Xu Feiyu, master student, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Class 2016
[Nomination Awards]
1. Jian Wurong, master student, School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, Class 2014
2. Hu Yijie, undergraduate, School of Light Industry and Engineering, Class 2013
3. Li Xiaoqun, undergraduate, School of Physics and Optoelectronic Technology, Class 2014
4. Cheng Xiaohong, master student, School of Automation Science and Engineering, Class 2016
5. Ma Yining, undergraduate, School of Computer Science & Engineering, Class 2015
6. Zhang Xiaoshun, PhD student, School of Electric Power, Class 2014
7. Heart Light Volunteers (team), School of Software Engineering
8. Football Team for the China University Football League Premier Division, School of Business Administration
9. Deng Siying, master student, School of Public Administration, Class 2016
10. Zhang Wende, undergraduate, School of Physical Education, Class 2014

Source from the Communist Youth League Committee of SCUT
Translated and edited by Xu Peimu