A special edition of graduation photos: in a drone’s eye view


[Editor’s words]
It is June again, when another graduation approaches us, as gently as usual. This year, journalists of the News Center chose a fresh angle of view, a drone’s eye view, to keep different memories across the landscape of celebrations, farewells and blessings.

Wherever we travel, memories of SCUT travel with us
Once more, let’s do this on the bridge
We are leaving this gate with blessings, just as when we came
The newly renovated library, as fresh as our future
Dr. Sun Yat-sen, always my idol
Salute the Five-star Red Flag
Along with the Red Building, we are making history
We are a circle, even in a graduation photo

Source from the University New Center
Photos by Liao Caiman, Cai Dezheng, Wang Yunyun, Zhao Chunxu
Text by Xu Peimu
Edited by Xu Peimu