The research quality of the university has improved year by year. The university has won 219 science technology awards above Provincial and Ministerial level from 2011 to 2015, including 20 State Science and Technology Awards, 23 Ministry of Education Science and Technology Awards (11 First Prizes, 11 Second Prizes and 1 Youth Science Award), 145 Guangdong Science Technology Awards (2 Outstanding Contribution Awards, 2 Grand Prizes, 24 First Prizes, 56 Second Prizes, 61 Third Prizes), 36 Guangzhou Science Technology Awards. Among them, The university has won 22 First Prizes above Provincial and Ministerial level as first accomplish unit.

Natural Science Award
  • Novel organic materials and devices for efficient solar cells
    Completed by Cao Yong, 2015

  • New Polymer Optoelectronic Functional Materials and Light-emitting Device
    Completed by Cao Yong, 2010

  • Blind Signal Separation and identification theory and its application
    Completed by XieShenli, 2009

Technological Invention Award

  • Green processing technology for polymer materials based on elongational rheology
    Completed by Qu Jinping, 2015 

  • Modification of alkaline lignin and the efficient utilization of black liquor as a resource
    Completed by Qiu Xueqing, 2015 

  • High gain glass fiber and single frequency fiber laser complete sets of preparation technology and application
    Completed by Yang Zhongmin, 2014 

  • Templated Biomimetic Fabrication Technique and Clinical Applications of Calcium Phosphate-based Bioactive Ceramics for Bone Repair
    Completed by Wang YinJun, 2013

  • Lignosulfonate efficient use of the modified technique
    Completed by QiuXueqing, 2007

  • Heat and mass transfer technology based on high-performance adsorption materials and its applications
    Completed by Ding Jing, 2003 

  • High concentration of low-polluting pulp bleaching method and device
    Completed by Chen Kefu, 2002

Science and Technology Progress Award
  • Key Technologies of Fermentation and Metabolic Regulation and Their Industrial Application
    Completed by Zhao Mouming, 2013

  • Preparation and Application of High-toughness Wear-resistant Aluminum Bronze Alloy
    Completed by Li Yuanyuan, 2010 

  • High Concentration of Pulp Clean Bleaching Technology
    Completed by Chen Kefu, 2010

  • Waste paper waste paper utilization and application of key technology R & D
    Completed by Wan Jinquan, 2009

  • Bulk low-value resources in the production of protein-rich peptides Flavor Flavor base material key technologies and common condiment
    Completed by Zhao Mouming, 2009

  • Biological nitrogen removal from wastewater containing organic new technologies and engineering applications
    Completed by Zhou Shaoqi, 2008

  • Dynamic plastic molding technology and equipment
    Completed by Qu Jinping, 2006

  • High-performance iron-based powder metallurgy parts forming series of technology and its applications
    Completed by Li Yuanyuan, 2004

Technology Progress Award
  • A key technology of morphological feature design and controllable manufacturing for complex surface thermal functional structures
    Completed by Tang Yong, 2016