The university attaches great importance to the creation, management, protection, and application of intellectual property, and plays a leading role among domestic institutions of higher Universities on these respects. Since 1994, the University has been ranked the first among Guangdong universities and colleges, and top ten in the country in the amount of patent application and granting. As one of the first advanced model units in the patent pilot program of domestic enterprises and business organizations, the University was conferred the title of 'National advanced unit in patent work' and 'National advanced university in patent work' by the State Intellectual Property Office and Ministry of Education respectively. In 2007, the University became a member of the national model units of establishing intellectual property. As of Dec 2016, the University has won 2 China Patent Gold Prize, 26 China Patent Excellent Prize, 11 Guangdong Patent Gold Prize and 8 Guangdong Excellent Prize, ranking in the front of domestic universities and taking the lead in Guangdong universities.

【China Gold Patent Prize】

  • Method and equipment of electromagnetic dynamic plastics extrusion
    (No. ZL90101034.0)
    Inventor: Qu Jinping, 1997

  • A method and equipment for plasticating and conveying macromolecule material based on elongation rheology
    (No. 200810026054.X)
    Inventor: Qu Jinping, 2014


【China Excellent Patent Prize】

  • A new type of synthesis technology of RE ammonia catalyst
    (No. ZL86107630)
    Inventor: Lin Wei ming, Huang Chuanrong, Gan Shi fan, 1997

  • Injection molding method and device of electromagnetic dynamic polymer
    (No. ZL96108387.5)
    Inventor: Qu Jin ping, 2003

  • Preparation of lithium chloride composite adsorbents with high properties
    (No. ZL99124660.8)
    Inventor: Ding Jing; Yang Xiao xi, 2003 

  • A Powder without binder and its use under temperature and pressure
    (No. ZL01107550.34)
    Inventor: Li Yuan yuan, Ni Donghui, Zhang Wei wen, LuoZongqiang, Wu Yuan biao, 2005

  • Anaerobic and aerobic as well as the reactor of treating organic wastewater
    (No. ZL98215629.4)
    Inventor: Zhou Shaoqi, 2005

  • Acrylic-polyurethane copolymer emulsion and its preparation method as well as application
    (No. ZL03113854.3)
    Inventor: Qu Jin qing, Shen Hui fang, Zhang Xinya, Chen Huanqin, 2008

  • Property and Preparation of High Efficient Mortar Additive in Gas Concrete Lignin
    (No. 200410051229.4)
    Inventor: Yang Dongjie, QiuXueqing, OuyangXinping, Lou Hongming, Pang Yuxia, 2009 

  • Preparation and Application of Resistant Starch
    (No. 200310112540.0)
    Inventor: Chen Ling, Li Lin, Li Xiaoxi, Li Bing, Li Xiliu, GuoSiyuan, Hu Songqing, 2009 

  • Two Up-flow Towers Oxygen Bleaching Process of Medium-consistency Pulp in Voltage Regulation
    (No. 200610035614.9)
    Inventor: Chen Kefu, Li Jun, Yang Rendang, Mo Lihuan, Chen Qifeng, 2009

  • Method for deep enzymolysis of low value fish protein with rotten inhibiting function
    (No. 200410026619.6)
    Inventor: Zhao Mouming, Liu Tongxun, Lin Weifeng, Zhao Qiangzhong, Cui Chun, 2010 

  • The disposal method of regenerated papermaking wastewater
    (No. 200410051230.7)
    Inventor: Wan Jinquan, Ma Yiwen, 2010

  • Metal oxides catalyst for VOCs purification and its preparation method
    (No. 200710030952.8)
    Inventor: Ye Daiqi, Fu Mingli, Guan Xiujuan, 2011

  • Totally chlorine free bleaching method for pulp production line with more than 50000 tons annual output
    (No. 200810220315.1)
    Inventor: Li Jun, Chen Kefu; Xu Jun, Zeng Jian, Yang Rendang, Mo Lihuan, Yang Fei, FengYucheng, 2011

  • Automatic leaven tuingmatchine
    (No. 200620057775.3)
    Inventor: Li GuoJi; Tang WeiQiang, Li Hong Wei, 2011

  • A L-type imaging apparatus with two lenses for screen printer
    (No. 200610123893.4)
    Inventor: Zhang Xianmin, KuangYongcong, Lu Shenglin, Wu Huihui, Li Hua hui, 2012 

  • Low Voltage Stress Single-stage Ac-dc Converter Based On Llc Series Resonance
    (No. 200910036833.2)
    Inventor: Zhang Bo, Xiao Wenxun, Zhang Guidong, 2012

  • A remote control method of temperature and cold source load of terminal device in central air conditioning system
    (No. 200710029544.0)
    Inventor: PengXinyi, Yan Junwei, Zhou Xuan, JianWeiming, XuHaihang, Lu Zhanchao, 2013

  • A multi-stage drawing method to manufacture micro grooved tube
    (No. 201010228466.9)
    Inventor: Tang Yong, OU Dongsheng, Chen Jianhong, GeZiping, Lian Bin, Chen Weibin, 2013 

  • A low-noise narrow-linewidth high-power single-longitude-mode fiber laser
    (No. 200810220661.X)
    Inventor: XuShanhui, Yang Zhongmin, Zhang Weinan, Zhang Qinyuan, Jiang Zhonghong, 2013

  • A new production method for natural colored sugar products
    (No. 200610123668.0)
    Inventor: Yu Shujuan, Zhu Siming, 2014 

  • A combined technological reactor for united treating sewage wastewaters
    (No. 200710032685.8)
    Inventor: Zhou Shaoqi, Ding Jinjun, 2014

  • Pretreatment method of starch
    (No. 200610037167.0)
    Inventor: Huang qiang, Fu xiong, Luo xingfa, He xiaowei, Li lin, 2015

  • Dual-optical-magnification image acquisition device and image acquisition control and process system
    (No. 201010529889.4)
    Inventor: Zhang xianmin, He zhenxing, Liang jinglun, Ouyang gaofei, Kuan gyongcong, 2015

  • Lignin-based high-efficiency water reducing agent with high sulfonation degree and high molecular weight and method for preparing same
    (No. 200910040399.5)
    Inventor: Qiu Xueqing, Lou Hongming, Pang Yuxia, Yang Dongjie, Ouyang Xinping, Yi Conghua, 2016 

  • LED centralized direct-current power supply system and operating method thereof
    (No. 201010528546.6)
    Inventor: Zhang Bo, Zhang Guidong, Xiao Wenxun, Qiu Dongyuan, 2016 

  • Preparation method of hydroxy-polyacrylate aqueous dispersion and waterborne paint containing hydroxy-polyacrylate aqueous dispersion
    (No. 201010605162.X)
    Inventor: Qu Jinqing, Kong Xia, Zhu Yanan, Chen Huanqin, 2016