Free Mailbox of Alumni


Free E-mail box for alumni from SCUT for the sake of better communication of alumni and SCUT and continuous support to the alumni from SCUT.

This E-mail box has the function of automatic e-mail forwarding. It can automatically forward the received e-mails to the preestablished e-mail box. After you activate this free E-Mail box, you can use it as your frequent e-mail box, or forward the e-mails to your frequent e-mail box.

You can log in the E-mail box:
1. To get the latest information of alumni association of SCUT and regional alumni groups
2. To read online the electronic version of Work Report of Alumni Association and Education Fund and other publications
3. To participate and vote all kinds of alumni election activities
4. To receive inviting letters of alumni activities from alumni association.
5. To receive latest preference information of Long Card for SCUT alumni.
6. To give your suggestion to SCUT development and the work of alumni association.

The free alumni e-mail box is your communication platform with SCUT, and your identity emblem as SCUT graduate. 

Activate Your Free Email NOW!