Application of Long Card of China Construction Bank for Alumni


Guide of Application of Long Card of China Construction Bank for Alumni

Dear Alumni:
To show appreciation to you for your continuous support to the University, SCUT will issue you the Long Card for SCUT Alumni with China Construction Bank, which connects you with the alma mater.  Besides as a commemoration from the alma mater, it also enables you to enjoy service of the University, such as reading-in-library service. In addition, we will provide you with various and convenient services as the development of alumni association.


1. How to Apply:
Get the apply form from the Education Fund or operation hall of China Construction Bank. Fill in the form, and mail the form as well as the copy of ID card and diploma to the Education Fund office in Room 1202, Building No. 1 of SCUT before 31st December each year. The postal code is 510640.

The alumni who mail the card application information to the Education Fund office before 31st December will get a free copy of The SCUT.

The Long card is annual fee free in the first year, and the annual fee of next year can be free as long as it is charged for three times (the sum is not limited)in one year.
Inquiring phone number: 86-20-22236976   22236977

2. Special Service of Long Card
The alumni can enter the library to read books and search information with the Long Card and ID card.
The alumni can get preferential offer of information of academic production and various consultation and training service.
The alumni can enjoy the privilege of establish class directory in the SCUT alumni website and so on.
The alumni can get 15% of discounts when purchasing souvenir with the Long card.
The alumni can enjoy discounts as special vendors, and can enjoy the preferential offers from the China  Construction Bank such as consumption lottery, etc.
The Long card also has other preferential offers, such as two types of currency accounts in one card, card consumption available in any area, interest-free period, etc.

3. Giving to the University
You can make a gift to alma mater with your Long card each time you use the Long card without any extra fare.

When you apply for the Long card, you can choose to give 20 Yuan from your Long Card account to the Construction Fund of SCUT each year at fixed date.

Also you can donate to the University through the Long Card.