Each-Five-Year Graduation Homecoming


Each-Five-Year Graduation Homecoming.


The SCUT alumni association, as well as all school alumni groups and related departments, organizes the “Each-Five-Year Graduation Homecoming”, providing the alumni who have graduated for ten, fifteen, and twenty…years with homecoming services.

Details of Each-Five-Year Graduation Homecoming

1. Memory of Happy Moments in Alma Mater
We will reexperience our student life, and become the happy youngsters for a time. We will go to the sports grounds to play football, return to the classroom to have a class meeting, go to the canteen room to enjoy the experience of queuing, go to school to visit our dear teachers, return to our dormitory to rethink our student life, and walk in the campus which is in our memory all the time. Also we will have small theme forums and visit the University History Memorial. 

2.  Commemoration
① Ordinary Souvenir
a. Free school badge of SCUT
b. Free Work Report of SCUT Alumni Association and Education Fund
c. SCUT cultural souvenir purchase agency
d. Free application of Long Card of China Construction Bank for Alumni
e. Souvenir purchase agency

②Special Commemoration
a. Honor Nameplate: “Seats in Gymnasium” nameplate, “Student-Alumni” trees nameplate, “Memory of Teachers” trees nameplate, and “books in library” nameplate.
b. Commemoration Funds: including scholarship fund, student aid fund, Aid Fund for Student of Serious Disease, teacher fund, Feng Bingquan Education Fund, and He Jingtang Education Fund, etc.

③ Customized Sourvenir: The alumni can select customized giving projects according to their own choice.

If you have graduated for ten, fifteen, twenty or more years, your class or grades will hold the “Each-Five-Year Graduation Homecoming”, please contact us, thus we will make your customized reunion scheme. Welcome home.

Contact us: Secretariat of SCUT Alumni Association
Mr. Mao Shanchao
Telephone: 020-87111484
Fax: 020-87110668
E-mail: alumni@scut.edu.cn
Address: Room 1202, Building No. 1, South China University of Technology, 381st Wushan Road, Guangzhou.