State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science


Subtropical Building Science State Key Laboratory in April 2007 approved the establishment, in June 2009 through the Ministry of Science and Technology acceptance, in March 2013 through the national assessment, is the only national university construction disciplines only national key laboratories.

The laboratory focuses on ecological and livable urban and rural planning and green building overall objectives, in the urban and rural space environment and architectural design, subtropical building physical environment and building energy efficiency, building structure and disaster prevention and mitigation three core research direction to carry out basic theoretical research. With three research centers and 10 sub-laboratories; with advanced equipment and equipment 1285 (sets), the total value of 116.92 million yuan.

There are 84 permanent research members, including 2 academicians, 2 national 'millions of talent projects' and 4 national survey and design masters. Since 2013 has undertaken various types of scientific research projects 379, of which 43 provincial and ministerial level projects, scientific research contract total funding of more than 41.58 million yuan; published academic papers 640, of which three index included 336; monographs and textbooks 20; Application or authorization of 149 patents; access to provincial and ministerial level scientific research awards 68, including 25 scientific and technological awards (including the National Science and Technology Progress Award 2, the 16th China Patent Award 1, Guangdong Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award 1, the provincial and ministerial level science and technology award first prize 5, second prize 3, third prize 3), architectural planning and design field of various types of awards 35 (including national awards 3, Ministerial awards 35); and bear a number of national and local major landmark projects, such as the Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion, Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall expansion project, the Beijing Olympic Games wrestling, badminton and art gymnasium, Guangzhou Asian Games Natatorium Wait.