National Engineering Research Center of Paper-making and Pollution Control


The National Engineering Research Center of Papermaking & Pollution Control, as the first National Engineering Research Center sponsored by South China University of Technology, was approved by the State Planning Commission in March, 1996.  It is an engineering research organization combining research, development and spread of new technology and new equipment in the field of papermaking and environment engineering. It is also a trading and personal training organization. There are 52 core staff (faculty) working in this center, including one Russia’s foreign academician, 20 doctoral supervisors and 22 professors.
Building of the Center
The major research directions in this center include the green production, pollution control of water and solid, energy conservation and low carbon emission of papermaking process, special material from paper,etc.
Sludge Deep Dewatering Moli ble Workshop
A series of bases for engineering experiment and product development, including green bleaching technique and equipment, medium-consistency refining, key equipment of papermachine forming, waste water treatment, solid waste treatment, second fiber utilization,special material from paper, energy conservation of papermaking process, etc,have been set up.