Engineering Research Centre for Precision Electronic Manufacturing Equipments of Ministry of Education


1 Profile of the base
Founded in 2007 with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the research center, to meet the new needs for extensive scale integrated chip and electronic information production manufacturing technology, mainly focuses on the common technologies like fast machine vision, movement control, and precise machinery design, and forms a series of packaging, assembly, and inspection device products, thus becoming an internationally influential base for the innovation of precise electronic manufacturing technology, achievement transformation, and talent training. The research directions of the center cover extensive scale integrated circuit precise packaging technology and devices, precise assembly technology and devices of high-end chips and products, optics inspection technology and devices, high-speed and high-precision machine vision and movement control technology, computer integrated manufacturing system. There are currently 70 staff members, including 8 professors and 30 associate professors.
2 Typical achievements
1) Precise electronic assembly key technology and complete set of equipment
Precise electronic assembly key device fully-automatic placement machine
2) Full-automatic chip interlinking machine independent research and industrialization
Full-automatic chip interlinking machine
3) Full-automatic optics inspection device series models
Full-automatic optics inspection device series models