Travel tickets


[Air Tickets]
You can book air tickets from the following major airline companies in China:
                 Service hotline: 95583
China Southern Airlines:
                 Domestic ticket service hotline: 4006695539-1-1
                 International ticket service hotline: 4006695539-1-2
Hainan Airlines:
                 Service hotline: 95539
You can also find air tickets discounts from the English websites of the following third-party agents, which are widely used in China: 
Please NOTE the above websites is only for reference. If you are using them to book tickets, it is recommended to recheck the validity of the tickets directly with the air company, or ask your Chinese colleagues or local friends to assist you.

[Train Tickets]
To travel across the country by trains or high-speed trains, go to any of the three Guangzhou Railway stations (see Maps & Directions) to purchase tickets, except that tickets of trains to Hong Kong (Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Trains) can only be purchased at Guangzhou East Railway Station.
Do notice that different types of trains set off from different stations. It is recommended to check the departure station when purchasing tickets, while most trains comply with the following patterns:
● Most regular-speed trains set off from Guangzhou Railway Station;
● Most high-speed trains set off from Guangzhou South Railway Station;
● High-speed trains to Shenzhen (CRH) and Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Trains set off from Guangzhou East Railway Station;
● High-speed trains to Chaoshan set off from Guangzhou South Railway Station or Guangzhou East Railway Station.
You can also purchase tickets online via the official website of the China Railway Service Center (, except that ticket sales of Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Trains are not available online. The website is in Chinese only. User Registration and passport information are required.
Please NOTE this is the only website authorized by China Railway to sell train tickets. It is strongly recommended not to trust other online agents.
The telephone service number of China Railway is 12306 (in Chinese only).