A beautiful "vision" of sounds for the hearing-impaired


Voibook Technology was founded by a group of young innovators committed to helping hearing-impaired people "see" sounds, with most of its members being students of SCUT.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, they have so far created China's largest platform that provides services for hearing-impaired people to communicate with the world in an efficient and convenient way.

"In China, we have more than 20 million hearing-impaired people who, if without help of hand-writing or sign language, can barely communicate with others," said Chen Guoqiang, the team leader of Voibook.

"Because of this inconvenience, it is quite usual in their daily life that other people refuse to make contact with them, or even isolate them."

To solve the issue, Voibook has developed multiple products, including the Voibook APP, virtual glasses that can translate voices into texts, tools for intelligent shorthand, as well as accessories such as microphones and headsets.

Up till now, over 400,000 hearing-impaired people have benefited from these tools that offer a wide range of services to help them in daily communication, language rehabilitation, and learning and training.

Furthermore, the team is committed to improving the efficiency of social interaction, the level of education, and the condition of employment for hearing-impaired people while promoting public understanding of them by engaging in Charity activities.

Source from the Youth League Committee
Cover image designed by Lu Xiaoyan
Translated and edtied by Xu Peimu
From the SCUT News Network