[Lecture] Local and global parabolic limits for first-order quasilinear hyperbolic systems


TitleLocal and global parabolic limits for first-order quasilinear hyperbolic systems
Speaker: Prof. Yuejun Peng (Clermont Auvergne University)
Venue:  Room 4318, Building No.4, Wushan Campus
Time: May 15, Wednesday, 9:00-10:00

Consider the Cauchy problem for a multidimensional first-order quasilinear hyperbolic system with a relaxation term and a parameter standing for the relaxation time. This kind of systems include a large number of physical models such as the Euler equations with damping, the Euler-Maxwell system for plasma and the M1-model in the radiative transfer theory etc. We are interested in the asymptotic limit of the system as the relaxation time tends to zero. Under stability conditions, this limit is justified for smooth solutions, locally in a uniform time interval and globally in time when initial data are close to constant equilibrium states.

Announced by the School of Mathematics