[Lecture] Bone-inspired soft composite possessing osteo-activity


Title: Bone-inspired soft composite possessing osteo-activity
Speaker: Assistant Prof. Takayuki Nonoyama (Hokkaido University)
Venue: Room 324, Building No.2, National Science Park, North Area,Wushan Campus
Time: July 1, Monday, 11:00

Bone tissues, which are a natural organic/inorganic composite, have biological, chemical and mechanical roles such as hematogenesis, phosphorus reservoir and supporting body weight, to sustain living things. The essences of bone tissues for mechanical properties are mainly following four parts; fraction of soft organic / hard inorganic compounds, orientation, interfacial interaction and hierarchical structure, that should be helpful strategy to create structure materials. Inspired from structure bone tissues, we have developed hydroxyapatite – hydrogel composite, exhibiting high stiffness and toughness compared with the pristine hydrogel, and osteo-conductivity in vivo.

Announced by the South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology