13 SCUT scientists named in Highly Cited Researchers 2019, setting record high


The Highly Cited Researchers 2019 global list, produced by the Web of Science Group of Clarivate Analytics, was released this Tuesday. Totally 13 researchers from SCUT have earned the honor of being named in this academic catalogue, marking a new peak in the history of the university.

Each year since 2002, Web of Science has been updating this list recognizing research scientists who have demonstrated significant and broad influence in a chosen field or fields through the publication of multiple papers – highly cited by their peers – during the past decade.

SCUT is proud to have the following faculty members included in this year’s list, with two of them, Yong Cao and C. L. Philip Chen, being highlighted simultaneously in two different academic fields:

  • Yong Cao (曹镛), Chemistry / Materials Science

  • C. L. Philip Chen (陈俊龙), Engineering / Computer Science

  • Jun-Hu Cheng (成军虎), Agricultural Science

  • Song Gao (高松), Chemistry

  • Fei Huang (黄飞), Chemistry

  • Hongbin Pu (蒲洪彬), Agricultural Science

  • Benzhong Tang (唐本忠), Materials Science

  • Jiafu Wan (万加富), Computer Science

  • Shuangfeng Wang (汪双凤), Cross-Field

  • Hongbin Wu (吴宏滨), Cross-Field

  • Chenguang Yang (杨辰光), Cross-Field

  • Hin-Lap Yip (叶轩立), Cross-Field

  • Lei Zhang (张磊), Cross-Field

According to the Web of Science, these researchers have distinguished themselves by publishing a high number of papers that rank in the top 1% most cited works in their field during the year of publication. Such consistent production of highly cited reports indicates that the works of these researchers has been repeatedly judged by their peers to be of notable significance and utility.

It is notable that six of the above scientists, Jun-Hu Cheng, Hongbin Pu, Jiafu Wan, Shuangfeng Wang, Chenguang Yang, and Lei Zhang, entered the list for the first time, demonstrating a fast-growing progress SCUT has made in recent years on its way to developing a world-class university as well as building the Guangzhou International Campus.

Latest data of the Essential Science Indicators (ESI), released also by Clarivate Analytics on November 15, showed faculty members of SCUT have published 31,965 papers that were included by the ESI database over the past decade, and these works have been cited 456,055 times during the same period.

Source from the Office of Development Strategy and Planning, the Division of Science and Technology, and the Personnel Division
Translated by Xu Peimu
Edited by Wang Manjie
From the SCUT News Network