[Short-term Course] Introduction to phases and phase transitions of polymers


Title: Introduction to phases and phase transitions of polymers
Speaker: Prof. Dr. An-Chang Shi (McMaster University)
Room 324, Building No.2, National Science Park, North Area, Wushan Campus 

Time I: Deceember 3, Tuesday, 9:00—11:30
Topic I: Introduction to polymers and their phase behavior: from macroscopic phase separation to self-assembly

Time II: Deceember 4, Wednesday, 9:00—11:30
Topic II: Introduction of phase transition theory: thermodynamics and statistical mechanics

Time III: Deceember 5, Thrusay, 9:00—11:30
Topic III: Mean-field theory of phase transitions: Order parameter, Landau theory, self-consistent field theory of polymers

Time IV: Deceember 6, Friday, 9:00—11:30
Topic IV: Self-assembly of block copolymers

This course is an introduction to the phenomena and theory of phases and phase transitions of polymeric systems. 

Polymers are a class of soft matter, which are ubiquitous in technological, biological and daily applications. Polymeric materials exhibit rich phase behavior including phase separation and self-assembly of ordered phases. Understanding the phase behavior of polymeric systems is an important and active research area in soft condensed matter physics. Furthermore, polymers provide an interesting playground for the development and application of soft matter theory, which is applicable to various soft matter systems.

In this course I will introduce the phenomena and theory of phases and phase transitions of polymers. There will be 4 lectures each lasting for 2.5 hours. I will assume that the students are familiar with elementary statistical mechanics. A brief and concise introduction to elementary statistical mechanics is the book by Kerson Huang, Lectures on Statistical Physics and Protein Folding.

Textbooks: There is no required textbook. The content of my lectures will be taken from different sources. The slides of the lectures will be made available to the class.

Announced by the School of Molecular Science and Engineering (South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology)