[Lecture] Development of water-soluble binders for titanium metal injection moulding (Ti-MIM) to produce high performance components


Title: Development of water-soluble binders for titanium metal injection moulding (Ti-MIM) to produce high performance components
Speaker: Peng Cao (The University of Auckland)
Venue: Room 303, Building No.38, Wushan Campus
Time: December 9, Monday, 10:00-11:30

Titanium is generally an expensive metal, whose applications are limited in aerospace and biomedical industries where the costs can be well justified. Powder metallurgical routes are considered cost-effective. Metal injection moulding is an ideal production method for affordable titanium products. In recent years, the use of water-soluble and environmentally friendly binders are receiving increasing interest in titanium metal injection moulding (Ti-MIM). To facilitate the use of water-soluble systems in Ti-MIM, we have extensively studied polyethylene glycol (PEG) based binders. These new findings shed some new light on the use of such binders in MIM industry and therefore has industrial significance. This talk is primarily focussed on our newly developed binder systems in Ti-MIM to reduce impurity uptake during processing. A few case studies will be presented.

Announced by the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering