[Lectures] Polymer characterization and biomaterials


Title: Polymer characterization and biomaterials
Speaker: Prof. Julian Zhu,Université de Montréal

Julian Zhu is a professor of chemistry at Université de Montréal. He holds a Canada Research Chair in Polymeric Biomaterials. His team works on the research and development of new polymers for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. He is a co-author of over 270 scientific publications and several patents. He also received the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award from the Chemical Institute of Canada.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Polymers, Biomaterials and Composite Materials
Room 411, Building No.1, Wushan Campus
December 16, Monday, 14:00—17:00

This is an introduction of the types of various polymeric materials and their applications with special emphasis on polymeric biomaterials and research trend in this area.  This part will  also introduce the mechanical and rheological properties of polymers, the physical models, to be followed by the design, performance and application of dental composites and shape memory materials.

Lecture 2: Polymeric materials made with green chemistry approaches
Venue: Room 502, Science Park Building No.1, Northern Area, Wushan Campus
Time: December 17, Tuesday, 9:30

Natural compounds may be used as starting materials for the preparation of polymers and help to improve the biocompatibility of biomaterials. We have used natural biological compounds in the design and preparation of a variety of new polymers for use as biomaterials. These polymers include composite resins, self-healing hydrogels and degradable elastomers with shape-memory properties. We also adopt green chemistry approaches in the synthesis of functional materials with various promising applications.

Announced by the School of Materials Science and Engineering