[Lecture] Robotic Micro/Nano Manipulation enhanced by new physical principles


Title: Robotic Micro/Nano Manipulation enhanced by new physical principles
Speaker: Prof. Liu Lianqing
Venue: Room 201, Building No.19, Wushan Campus
Time: December 20, Friday, 14:30--15:45

The technique of Robotic Micro/Nano manipulation extends people’s ability into cell or molecular scale, which generates a significant influence to the modern science. It provides new feasible ways to solve the problems that traditional technique cannot achieve. Micro/Nano robotics is highly multidiscipline, new principles in other area are helpful to solve the existing challenges and enhance its function. In this talk, I will present two cases along this idea. The first case is solving the problem of lack of real-time visual feedback during manipulation in liquid or atmosphere environment through the developed super resolution imaging technology (SRIT). The SRIT is directly integrated into existing nano robotic system, and label-free image with resolution down to 50nm could be achieved in real-time, that is the manipulation result could be truly monitored, which in turn significantly improved the effectiveness of robotic manipulation. The second case is solving the efficiency of Micro/Nano robotics for bio-manufacturing. Rather than point by point manipulation with a physical end-effector, a light based manufacturing and manipulation technique are developed and integrated in a micro-fluid platform, with which the desired micro-structure could be on-line designed, manufactured and assembled. The experimental results demonstrated the enhanced function of Micro/nano robotics.

Announced by the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering