[Lecture] Medical robotics: from robotic cell manipulation to intracellular manipulation


Title: Medical robotics: from robotic cell manipulation to intracellular manipulation
Speaker: Prof. Sun Yu,University of Toronto
Venue: Room 201, Building No.19, Wushan Campus
Time: December 20, Friday, 10:15—11:30

The ability to directly interrogate intracellular structures inside a single cell for measurement and manipulation is important for understanding subcellular and suborganelle activities, diagnosing diseases, and developing new therapeutic approaches. Compared with measurements of single cells, physical measurement and manipulation of subcellular structures and organelles remain underexplored. This talk will begin with a brief review of the evolution of the robotic cell manipulation field, followed by an introduction of tethered and untethered techniques for physical measurement of intracellular properties and for manipulating structures inside a single cell. I will then discuss sub-micrometer position control and sub-nanonewton force control for realizing 3D magnetic intracellular manipulation and mechanical measurement. Examples of robotic intra-embryonic measurement (inner pressure, trophoblast, and inner cell mass) and intracellular measurement (cell nucleus) for revealing physical changes during embryo development and cancer progression will be given.


Announced by the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering