World Forum of Unicorn Companies inspires innovation and entrepreneurship


The World Forum of Unicorn Companies was held at SCUT on November 19. Highlighting the theme of leading the way with technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the new era, the forum invited several front runners of technological innovation enterprises from different industries, and created an occasion for them to share experiences, achievements, and pioneering views of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Du Lan, Senior Vice President of iFlytek, said in her speech that the development of artificial intelligence technology has entered the stage of mass application. She believed that among all the benefits brought by the artificial intelligence industry, what matters most is to use technology to “meet the rigid needs of human beings”, and that is why artificial intelligence is making history.

Liu Daofu, Vice President of Cambrian Technologies, gave his opinions on how smart chips might bring new possibilities to traditional industries such as healthcare, finance, automobiles, electric power, or retail, and how his company will be committed to boosting social and economic development with key technological innovation, making machines better understand and serve the mankind.

After that, Du Shangbiao, Vice President of iShansong, and Nicolai Peitersen, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Wikifactory, introduced the business patterns of their companies in promoting logistics by technological innovation and advancing manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

When discussing about the trend, opportunities, and challenges of technological innovation and entrepreneurship, the guests of the forum showed full confidence in China’s business environment. They believed that the country has laid a solid foundation for developing entrepreneurship in many aspects, including policy support, funding sources, infrastructure, and human resource reserves.

The event, as part of the 6th China International College Students' "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, was held during the finals of the competition to inspire young college students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Press release produced by the University News Center
Written by Xu Peimu, Qu Wei, and Xiong Wenwen
Edited by Zheng Yifei and Guo Yihao
From the SCUT News Network