[Lecture] Loop Quantum Schwarzschild Interior and Black Hole Remnant


Title: Loop quantum Schwarzschild interior and black hole remnant
Speaker: Doctor Zhang Cong, University of Warsaw
Host: Professor Zhang Xiangdong
Venue: Lecture Hall 213, Building No. 18, Wushan Campus
Time: March 24, Wednesday, 15:00


The interior of a Schwarzschild black hole is quantized by the method of loop quantum gravity. The Hamiltonian constraint is solved and the physical Hilbert space is obtained in the model. The properties of a Dirac observable corresponding to the Arnowitt-Deser-Misner mass of the Schwarzschild black hole are studied by both analytical and numerical techniques. It turns out that zero is not in the discrete spectrum of this Dirac observable. This supports the existence of a stable remnant after the evaporation of a black hole. Our conclusion is valid for a general class of schemes adopted for loop quantization of the model.

Announced by the School of Physics and Optoelectronics