[Lecture] Continuum Theory of Transient Polymer Networks


Title: Continuum theory of transient polymer networks
Speaker: Meng Fanlong, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Venue: Room 324, Science Park Building No.2, North Area, Wushan Campus
Time: April 7, Wednesday, 10:00


Transient polymer networks, where the crosslinks can dynamically break and re-form, combine the advantages of thermosets and thermoplastics; these transient networks can exhibit excellent mechanic and thermal properties as thermosets at low temperatures and can also be reprocessible at high temperatures as thermoplastics. In order to understand the viscoelastic properties of such materials, we develop continuum theories of transient polymer networks where the crosslink dynamics are incorporated. This continuum theory can be applied to understand the rheology of transient flexible or semiflexible polymer networks, such as stress relaxation, yielding, elastic-plastic transition, etc. 

Announced by the School of Molecular Science and Engineering (South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology)