[Lecture] Double Emulsions: Preparation, Characterization and Application of W/O/W Double Emulsions


Title: Double emulsions: Preparation, characterization and application of W/O/W double emulsions
Speaker: Prof. Paul Van der Meeren,Ghent University
Venue: Room 127, Building No.13, Wushan Campus
Time: April 16, Friday, 14:30—16:00


Double emulsions are emulsions of emulsions: in W/O/W double emulsions a primary W/O emulsion is dispersed into an outer water phase. During the last decade, this complex emulsion system has been studied for both reduced-calorie and encapsulation applications. The lecture will focus on the specific features of double emulsions with respect to their preparation, stabilization, and characterization. Specific topics include the potential replacement of polyglycerol polyricinoleate as hydrophobic emulsifier, as well as the determination of the encapsulation efficiency of both the internal water phase and enclosed hydrophilic compounds. Hereby, the link between solute and emulsion characteristics on the one hand, and the encapsulation and release properties on the other hand are discussed.

Announced by the School of Food Science and Engineering