[Lecture] Human-Robot Collaboration for the Future of Construction


Title: Human-Robot Collaboration for the Future of Construction
Speaker: Dr. Eric Jing Du ( University of Florida)
Time: September 10, Friday, 09:00-10:00
Online meeting venue: Tencent meeting (ID: 42265298356)

   The collaboration between robots and human agents has become a defining symbol of Industry 4.0. The construction industry has begun to utilize collaborative robots to extend workers' capability and facilitate complex construction operations in a more efficient and safe way. Robot teleoperation is particularly suited to converge the advantages of robotic systems and human agents in complex construction tasks, presenting a logical next step for moving to a fully automated construction industry. However, the human-robot interaction (HRI) design for construction teleoperation tasks is challenged by the complexity and variability of operational needs such as the evolving work environment, dynamic and unexpected workflows, motor-intensive manipulations, and hard-to-define human robot collaboration requirements. This presentation will introduce the recent works at Du Lab that focus on the innovative HRI designs for construction robot teleoperation that enriches the human operator’s perception of the remote robot workplaces.

Annoucned by the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation