[Lectures] Supramolecular dynamics of host-guest complexes & mobility of small molecules in proteins and gels


Speaker: Prof. Cornelia Bohne (University of Victoria, Canada)

Online meeting venue: Tencent meeting (Room ID: 342-432-850)

Title 1: Supramolecular dynamics of host-guest complexes
Time: March 24, 9:30

Title 2: Mobility of small molecules in proteins and gels
Time: March 31, 9:30

Prof. Bohne’s long-term goal in supramolecular chemistry is to bring the understanding of supramolecular dynamics to the same level of understanding as its structural aspects. Knowledge of the underlying concepts for supramolecular dynamics is vital to fulfil the longstanding promise that these systems can lead to functions inaccessible to molecular chemistry. In supramolecular dynamics Prof. Bohne’s group measure events in real-time, using fast kinetic techniques, including laser flash photolysis, stopped-flow and laser temperature jump experiments. For each supramolecular system they develop the required methodology to measure dynamics in real-time, establish the relationship between dynamics and structure of the supramolecular building blocks, and apply this knowledge to design new supramolecular functions.

Announced by the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering