[Lecture] Stabilization of Zn anode: strategies and mechanisms


Title: Stabilization of Zn anode: strategies and mechanisms
Speaker: Prof. Fan Hongjin (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Time: March 30, 19:00
Online meeting venue: Tencent meeting (Room ID: 692119526)

Research on aqueous Zn ion batteries (AZIB) have been traditionally focused on cathode materials, whereas the Zn foil anode has been largely ignored until recent years. Bare Zn is unstable in a wide pH range. In the most popular Zn ion batteries, neutral or mildly acidic electrolyte solutions are employed. The Zn anode suffer from dendrite growth due to inhomogeneous nucleation and growth, corrosion due to hydrogen evolution reaction, and passivation due to side reaction byproduct. This cause severe stability issue in AZIBs. Numerous research activities are being devoted to stabilize the Zn anode surface. In this talk, I will show some typical examples reported by other groups, and then elaborate a few specific cases of our own studies. Focus is put on mechanistic understanding rather than materials engineering.

Announced by the School of Physics and Optoelectronics