[Inter-library loan]

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Address: Information Consultation Department, Main Library
Tel: 020-87110035,020-87114442
Accepted time: Monday to Friday  8:00-12:00 / 14:30-17:30
Fax: 020-87110035
Contact: Ms. Lin  or  Ms. Qin
Zip: 510640


[Trainings & courses]

For information of trainings and courses provided by the library, please refer to this page:

List of training & courses

[Sci-tech Novelty Search Station]

Introduction of the Station:

The Sci-tech Novelty Search Station of SCUT is directly under the Ministry of Education of China. With well-qualified working staff, the library is able to provide services of fine quality and high standard for researchers. Users inside and outside of the university can browse the introduction to this service by clicking 'novelty search' on the homepage and download the novelty search commission contract, then send it to the Information Consultation Department. Besides, the library takes an active part in the information consultation, users training program and documents retrieval practice services.

Information Consultation Department, Wushan Campus

Contact Person: Li Zihui
Tel: 020-87110035;

Link to homepage:


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