Give to What

Give to What

Give to What

[Student Development Fund]

At present, there are about 101,241 students in South China University of Technology, including 24,761 undergraduate students, 19,108 master and doctoral postgraduate students, 46,887 continuing education students and 2,238 foreign students. The responsibility and aim of SCUT is to create a good learning and living environment for these students, and to train high-quality talents of spirit of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in all fields.

To meet the full range of personnel training needs, we have set up Student Development Fund, including scholarships, grants, student research and innovation funds, foreign exchange funds, funds for all kinds of student academic activities, entrepreneurial activity funds and funds for various social practices. We invite the public donations to support students in SCUT.

Sub-programs include:

  • “Dedicating Young Lives to the Motherland” Technical Culture Festival Fund of SCUT

  • “IT Waves” Fund of SCUT

  • “One Donation, One Care” Love Fund

  • “Challenge Cup” Competition Series Fund of SCUT

  • “Activity Month of Union of Student Associations Fund” of SCUT

  • “SCUT Alumni Stimulated Learning Fund” Programme

[Teacher Development Fund]

South China University of Technology has a tradition of emphasis on teaching, teachers rank building, and academic research. There are groups of teachers who are excellent at teaching and research. Relying on the research bases and platforms in SCUT, they carry on lots of important state, provincial, municipal and enterprise research projects, and make contributions to the state and regional social and economic development.

Donations for the development of teachers are welcome. The giving fields include teaching and research, technical development, teacher training, talents introducing, academic lectures, disciple establishing, and teaching and academic bases building. The funds will be used to encourage teachers who make contribution in teaching and research, and to support books publishing.

Sub-programs include:

  • “One hundred person project” Teaching Post Fundraising

  • Teachers' International Training

  • Young Teachers' Research and Innovation

  • Outstanding Teachers' Award of SCUT

  • Chunhua Young Teachers Reward Fund

[Campus Construction Fund]

There are two campuses in SCUT, which are the land for knowledge and innovation. However, the facilities in SCUT are hindered for the limitation of space and fund, which limits the development of the university.

Donations and support from enthusiastic volunteers are welcome and appreciated. The funds will be used for the teaching and research facilities, sports facilities, and landscape facilities. Your generosity will improve the teaching and research environment of the university and makes forever marks and commemoration in SCUT.

Sub-programs include:

  • SCUT West Gymnasium Titled Fundraising Project

  • SCUT 32st-34st Teaching Building Titled Fundraising Project

  • SCUT 31st Teaching Building Titled Fundraising Project

  • SCUT Staff Activities Center Titled Fundraising Project

  • SCUT Classroom Titled Fundraising Project

  • “Beautiful Campus, My Home” Series of Donation

[School Construction Fund]

After more than 60 years of development, SCUT has become a multidisciplinary university of high reputation in South China and in the whole country, focusing on engineering, combined with science, also promoting well coordinated development of management, economics, humanities and law. There are 27 schools and 1 independent college (college of Guangzhou) in SCUT, including 193 master degree positions, 107 doctor degree positions, 26 centers for post-doctoral studies, 81 undergraduate majors and 17 graduate professional degree positions.

Each school has its development plan and need. And according to the need of different schools, South China University of Technology Education Development Foundation will cooperate with each school to promote the activities of fund raising to support the development of the schools.

Sub-programs include:

  • SCUT Youth Symphony Orchestra Titled Fund-raising

  • SCUT Arts School Choir Titled Fund-raising

  • SCUT Library Collection Titled Fund-raising

[Alumni Work Fund]

As to carry forward the glorious tradition of SCUTers, strengthen the contact between alumni and alma mater, promote alumni fellowship activities, exert the orgnization power of alumni to serve the scoiety, award for the organization or individuals that have made outstanding contribution to the alumni of SCUT, and establish better material base for alumni events, under the sponsorship of our alumni, Alumni Activities Fund of SCUT was established by Alumni Association of SCUT.

Sub-programs include:

  • Table Tennis Club of SCUT

  • Badminton Club of SCUT

  • Tennis Club of SCUT

  • Golf Club of SCUT

[University President Fund]

President Fund collects all donations without special purpose, and is charged by president directly. It is used to encourage people who make special contribution to SCUT, excellent faculties and students, distinguished alumni and other fields which are closely related to the university development.

There are no donation standards for University President Fund, and the daily finance management of the fund is charged by SCUT Education Development Foundation.

[Special Education Fund]

Special education fund mainly refers to the education fund named after the social or school famous people and professor for funding or rewarding a specific project. These celebrities or scholars have made an outstanding contribution to the creation and development of SCUT, and had a profound influence in all fields of society especially the alumni home and abroad.

At present, there are Feng Bingquan Education Fund, He Jingtang Education Fund and other special education fund for school. The special education fund is designed to reward excellent students and teachers, supporting for students and teachers' academic exploration and innovation research.

Funds will continue to converge the power of alumni and all walks of life, and actively promote the development and construction of SCUT education, as to work toward the aim of becoming the domestic first-class, the world's best-known comprehensive research university.

Sub-programs include:

  • Jingtang He Education Fund

  • Bingquan Feng Education Fund